• First Post

    Welcome to our first blog.

    It's been an inspiring and rewarding experience from two disheartened smokers to happy, content vapers and along the way set up our own business to inspire and help other people quit regular cigarettes and try vaping. 

    The industry has been rocked with a lot of baseless, fabricated and often sensationalized nonsense spewed out by individuals who know nothing about the benefits people will achieve from this new and exciting product. But as time goes by there will be more realistic and beneficial articles released as the industry matures.

     Please see: E-cigarettes 'help smokers to quit'

    We have deliberately focused on a relatively small product line, inspired by our own experience and loyal customer base. The baffling array of products advertised has not only confused a lot of people, but also lead to a lot of disappointment, who have subsequently shied away from this healthy alternative to regular smoking.

    We are very proud to have developed a strong relationship with our neighbours, House of Liquids and now stock their full range of Liquidcore developed by ConceptLiquids. We have also developed our own distinctive 'Outlaw Vapours' range using the same natural ingredients and flavourings.

    We continue to review and try out new products. So please check back on regular basis for new or upgraded products and if you have any recommendations or require a particular product, please drop us a line. 

    Thanks for popping by and hope to hear from you soon.




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